Traveling Merchants

Hello Inmates,
Head Warden ~iKoalas here with some spectacular news 😀

Traveling Merchants have finally been released! You can find these wandering peddlers many different ways.
Lucky Blocks, Voting, Purchasing them from the store, ect. What is a Traveling Merchant?​

Traveling Merchants will sell your inventory for 2x the blocks value. You can find these wandering peddlers though lucky blocks, voting, crates, ect. When you find one, it will show up in your inventory as a spawn egg just as pets. See below for more information…


Traveling Merchants start with 5 charges. This means that you can sell 5 inventories at 2x value before the merchant disappears permanently. Right-Click an egg on the ground to spawn a merchant, Right-Click again to sell to it. Once sold, the merchant will be on it’s way (despawn). These NPC's are very shy and only work for whomever spawned them in.


Befriend a Merchant today, Join!


Hello Inmates,

We apologize for the content delays MCPrison has been experiencing. We just moved into a new home IRL yesterday, and have been adjusting to the life changes. Plus, internet here is still being set up. Lots of things going on right now. Hopefully you guys understand.

Much love,
~Head Warden iKoalas

MCPrison Tutorial Guide

Hey there Inmates!

I have finally finished my Official Tutorial Guide for MCPrison. I hope it helps you guys out because…oh man…it took me many hours to make and lots of thought!

Thanks everyone for your loving support. <3 I am still new to this whole Community Managing stuff. Hopefully I am doing well. If you have any suggestions at all, feel free to message me on the forums!
~Head Warden iKoalas

MCPrison 1.0

Welcome Inmates to MCPrison's 1.0 Launch!

Our goal with
MCPrison is to bring you an experience like no other.
You can go Mining, Fishing, or Hunting, to earn money to
/rankup. We did this so that if players are bored of doing one task, they can move on to another.

In-Game Ranks
Ranks range from A-Z and are shown in chat as: [0/A-Z] If you prestige, your rank will show in chat as: [1/A-Z] Prestiging will give you a Prestige Crate Key to use at /warp crates!

You cannot fly on MCPrison but you can purchase an Elytra at to glide. An Elytra is also a PvP Rewards from reaching a "Player Kill-Score" of 1000 players.
Your Player Kill-Score shows up on the right of your screen, in the scoreboard as: PKs.
Every 250, 500, 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000 PK's you get a one time use
You also automatically get PvP titles called: Pker, Warrior, Rogue, Legend, and Champion.
Equip these titles by using
/title. Head over to /warp pvp to check out the action!

PvP Mine
The PvP mine located below the McPrison spawn in what we call the, "sewers." The PvP mine is a great starter mine to use, if you can avoid all the Pkers! The mine only resets once every 30 minutes, and is filled with high priced ores. This is the only place on the server to obtain obsidian. Obsidian is the highest selling block on the market, and can ONLY be sold at the PvP sign or to players. Players cannot set homes in the PvP area.

Server Ranks
MCPrison has 4 purchasable Donor Ranks, and a free rank for syncing your account with the forums!
Purchasable Ranks:
Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Emerald. The Free Rank is called: Supporter (coming soon)
There is a daily kit for every donor rank, and a one time use kit. Access these by typing
/kit. In these kits there is something called a Donor Rank Key. These keys give you access to mine at the designated donor mines for 1 hour at a time.
Visit our Buycraft at for a list of all donor perks!

Enchantment Tokens
Enchantment tokens are a type of currency on the server. You need etokens to upgrade/purchase: pickaxes (used to mine with), armor, pvp weapons, backpacks (more inventory slots), and pets. You get 1 Enchantment Token every 20,000 blocks mined. E-Tokens can also be found from; lucky blocks/fish/drops, crates, kits, voting, ect. To access the enchantment token shop type /etshop. (warning: once you enchant weapons/tools/armor you cannot get your etokens back)

Lucky Blocks
Lucky Blocks appear randomly when mining and dish out a variety of rewards all at random (money, etokens, backpacks, ect.). Lucky Fish, and Lucky Mob Drops also appear randomly when fishing or killing mobs. Donor mines have 2x the spawn rate of lucky blocks, and the lucky event mine has 4x the spawn rates!

Event Mine Party
Every 250 server votes, there is an Event Mine Party. Every 30 seconds, the blocks randomly cycle through a set of stages. These stages are: Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Glass, Clay, Blocks, Lucky Party and Party. Colored blocks are only obtainable from the Event Mine Parties! If you ever want to build using color, this is where you need to get the blocks from. Type /warp event when it starts to join the fun!

Bombs blow up a section of a mine when placed. Blocks blown up by bombs automatically sell for their set value. Bomb levels vary from level 1 to level 4. Level 1 bombs do the smallest explosions, and level 4 bombs do the largest explosions. Bigger bombs only have a couple levels, but blow up an insane amount of blocks. Bombs cannot be used in the PvP mine or the Event mine. Bombs are found from; lucky blocks/fish/drops, crates, kits, voting, ect.

You are able to adopt your very own pet! Everyone starts off with a free pet, but you can earn additional pets by just playing the server. Use the command /pet, in game for more options. Pets passively earn you money every hour you are online. You can upgrade your pets to earn you even more money by using enchantment tokens. Customize your pet by naming him/her with a pet nametag!

Backpacks give you extra inventory space for the blocks you mine. Backpacks are purchased with E-tokens. The price of backpacks are determined by how many slots they hold. If you want to get rid of a backpack, you can trade in backpacks bought with etokens for etokens themselves. For example: You have a backpack that you bought for 25 E-tokens that you no longer use. You can visit a Backpack Vendor to trade in this backpack and get 25 E-tokens. use /etshop to purchase backpacks, or visit the Backpack manager at /spawn.

I will personally be working on a full on tutorial guide for players. It may take some time, since this server has SO much content and exciting features! Stay tuned…

Real Estate, Event Drop Parties, Event Bosses, Traveling Merchants, and much more coming soon!

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding, as this server is new and there will be issues/bugs/ect.
We would love to hear suggestions, and things that we can do to improve gameplay. Feel free to private message me on the forums with any concerns.

Yours truly,
~Head Warden iKoalas


Welcome Inmates to MCPrison!

1.0 Release is almost ready for launch. We are just fixing some minor bugs/issues with the server. I am currently setting up forums, so not everything on the forums will be done by release time. Bare with me, I am only one person! There will be a live Q+A on when server is released. Feel free to join in on the fun!

To join MCPrison, connect with minecraft multiplayer using:
Alternatively, join and type /server mcprison.

~Head Warden iKoalas