Super E-Token Kit

Hey Inmates,

We have released a crazy OP kit. It is called the Super E-Token Kit!
Feel free to redeem this kit by using the /kit command.

It is FREE to all players!!!
Enjoy ;D

~Head Warden iKoalas
(Shoutout to ShadyPrisoner for his ideas!)​

Applying for MCPrison Staff

Hey Inmates,

Our Web Developer and I spent hours in a skype call the other day improving our Trainee Staff Application. We made it more professional and organized. Hopefully it will encourage people to apply! The link to the application is…

It can also be found on MCPrison’s home page under Resources

I will be accepting upwards of 5 staff starting this weekend so feel free to hop on and apply!
We are very interested in hearing from you. Thanks guys!
~Head Warden iKoalas

Prestige Rewards

Hey Inmates,
~Head Waren iKoalas here with some /prestige News!

We have made it so when you reach Prestige 1, and every 5 prestiges after that, you will automatically receive a Prestige Backpack. (P1, P5, P10, ect.)


If you have already Prestiged and are missing this backpack please make a conversation with me on the forums so it can be given to you.

Currently Prestige Backpacks are tradable, but soon this will be changed to prevent players going on alts and giving their mains backpacks ect. If you have given people prestige backpacks I would recommend getting them back in the next day or two.

In the mean time…
Any abuse of this system for example: prestiging an alternate account and giving the backpacks to your main, will be punishable with a complete reset and wipe of your account. Don’t do it!

Pet Update

Hey Inmates,

The long awaited Pet Update is finally here!

1. We have Upgraded the max pet level. It is now 100! A level 100 pet can make upwards of 1 Billion In-Game Cash per every 2 minutes! Keep in mind that upgrading pets will cost a lot of E-Tokens.

2. Pets now have Tiers! Pet Tiers are: Free, Donor, and Special. These "Pet Tiers" determine how much a pet will make. (Free pets make the least amount of money, while Special pets make the most amount of money)


3. Free Pets can be found from Lucky Blocks, most Crates at /warp crates, or received at the start from Adoption (/pet). Everyone starts with a free pet. Donor Pets can be received from donating with /buy, or by syncing your account with our forums (/syncaccount). Forum Sync is still a little buggy, and it may not work for some players. We are currently working out the kinks. Special Pets can only be found in Crates. Left-Click any crate to view the possible rewards/pets you can get.

4. With this update, we have added 2 more Exclusive Special Tier Pets.

Elder Guardian Pet : Exclusive Legendary Crate Pet /warp crates!


Disco Sheep : Exclusive Prestige Crate Pet /warp crates!


Hope you all enjoy! 🙂

~Head Warden iKoalas

Shop Changes

Hey Inmates,

After taking some time to learn about MCPrison's Economy I have decided to update our Buycraft shop prices. These prices have been suggested by some of the MCPrison players themselves, so hopefully they are more balanced.
They have been lowered to make it more fair for everyone. Feel free to take a look : )