Easter 2017

Hey Inmates,

From now until the 23rd of April (1 week past Easter Sunday), you will be able to find and collect Easter Eggs! Easter Eggs can be found in Lucky Blocks while mining. When you find an Easter Egg it will show up in chat like so…


As you can see, there is a 25% chance to find Easter Eggs from Lucky Blocks. All eggs found will be deposited into your “Easter Basket.” This is shown on your scoreboard right below your E-Token count. The Symbol for it, is an Ë.


You will not be able to withdraw eggs from your balance until Easter Sunday (April 16th). We did this to prevent egg trading, egg storage, and track the total amount of Easter Eggs on prison. To see who has the top eggs on the server type /eggtop! You can also hover over someone’s name in chat to view their eggs.


Once Easter finally hits, you will be able to spend these hard earned Easter Eggs on unique items in the Easter Store! The Easter Store will be accessible in game (on the 16th) by typing /easter. You will also be able to trade and withdraw these eggs by using the simple command: /eggwithdraw.

We are keeping the items in the Easter Shop a secret to surprise you all for when the Holiday hits!

You will be able to buy items such as; keys, armor, etokens, and even a special pet!

**Remember: Any Easter Eggs not used to redeem items in the shop by the 23rd will become useless!**

Good Luck to everyone, and Happy Hunting!
~Head Warden iKoalas

PS: If you haven't seen already…prison spawn has been newly decorated!
Join today @ play.craftedwild.net 🙂


Pet Exchange

Hey Inmates,

I am proud to announce that you can finally exchange pets!

If you have a pet that you do not use, you can exchange it for E-Tokens! To do this, simply type /pet or Right-Click a pet that you have out. Once in the GUI menu, hover over the emerald icon. You will see this…


Sell Pet
“Sell your pet for a fixed price based on tier”
The better the tier, the more the E-Tokens you receive.

If you Left-Click the emerald icon, it will bring you to a confirmation screen asking if you still intend on selling your pet. You may click yes, or no. If click yes; you will be given E-Tokens corresponding to the tier. If click no; the screen will exit and you will still have your pet. Below is short tutorial video.


Enjoy Everyone! 🙂
~Head Warden iKoalas

Hey Inmates,

Head Warden iKoalas will be hosting an Admin Event to celebrate the server’s 1 Month Anniversary! I will also be giving out an Admin item seen below:


Admin Event:

At 8pm Est. I will be at /warp PvP with a special item in my inventory. Players will need to team up to try and kill me. The entire event should last about 5 minutes. Once I am killed you must ./spawn with the item and trade it to me at spawn. It won’t be easy to kill me so be prepared!

Winner will get a $25 Buycraft Voucher.

Goodluck to everyone. 😀 It should be loads of fun!​

Bounty System

Hey Inmates,

~iKoalas here to announce our new Bounty System!​

Is there someone you really dislike on the server? You can now set a bounty on someone’s head to encourage people to assassinate them in PvP! This can be done anywhere on the server, but to redeem a set bounty you must visit the Bounty Hunter at /warp bounty. Just hold the head of your victim in your hand, and Right-Click the Bounty Hunter to cash in the reward!


You can view all the current bounties on the server by talking to the NPC. This will also let you know if anyone has put a bounty on your head! Place a bounty on others with the command:
/bounty (player’s name) ($)

For Example:
/bounty iKoalas 10000
(This will set a bounty on iKoalas for $10,000 in-game currency)

Become a Bounty hunter today!
Join: MCPrison.com

PvP Rewards

Hey Inmates,

PvP on MCPrison just got more intense!
We have listened to the community and have decided to buff PvP Rewards.
You will now receive a unique kit after hitting…
50, 200, 400, 550, and 700 PK’s.

These Rewards are as follow…

50 Kills: Pker Title

PvP Kit – 1 day cooldown
Pker Armor: Protection 2 Unbreaking 2
Pker Sword: Sharpness 2 Unbreaking 2

PvPOnce Kit – 25 E-Tokens

200 Kills: Warrior Title

Warrior Kit – 2 day cooldown
Warrior Armor: Protection 4 Unbreaking 3
Warrior Sword: Sharpness 4 Unbreaking 2 Fire Aspect 2

WarriorOnce Kit – 100 E-Tokens

400 Kills: Rogue Title

Rogue Kit – 3 day cooldown
Rogue Armor: Protection 5 Unbreaking 4
Rogue Sword: Sharpness 5 Unbreaking 4 Fire Aspect 3

RogueOnce Kit – 200 E-Tokens
Elytra: Unbreaking 10, (this item does not drop on death)


550 Kills: Legend Title

Legend Kit – 7 day cooldown
Legend Sword: Sharpness 10, Fire Aspect 10, Bleed 3, Unbreaking 10, Mending 4, this item does not drop on death

LegendOnce Kit – 275 E-Tokens

700 Kills: Champion Title

Champion Kit – 7 day cooldown
Champion Armor: Protection 10, Fire Protection 5, Feather Falling 3 (boots), Projectile Protection 5, Thorns 8, Unbreaking 10, Mending 4 (these items do not drop on death)

ChampionOnce Kit – 350 E-Tokens

Along with these Player Kill Kit changes, we have also buffed Player Donor Kits!
Feel free to check them out at…


Thanks guys! Shout out to @spider for his thoughts. Hope you all enjoy!
~Head Warden iKoalas