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    Hey Guys and Gals,

    I am here to announce that Skyblock has been released!
    That's right, CraftedWild now has Skyblock. Wooot!
    Feel free to hop on and check it out using either the compass (server selector),
    or by typing /server skyblock.

    We have tons of cool features!
    Quests will give you awesome rewards and some super unique custom items! There are Daily, Weekly, and Monthly quests you can complete. Check it out by typing /quest or visiting the Quest NPC at spawn.

    Island Upgrades
    You will be able to upgrade your own island. Below is a list of things that can be upgraded...

    Player Capacity (Default is 4 players)
    Mob Spawn Rate
    Double Mob Spawn Chance
    Double Mob Drop Chance
    Mob Spawner Limit

    Upgrading your island will take lots of time, in-game money, and effort! Remember that you are not supposed to be able to get max upgrades on the first day! That would ruin the fun.

    How to Upgrade your island

    SkyFunds and In-Game Money are used to upgrade islands. What are SkyFunds you may ask? SkyFunds are just another in-game currency that we use here on CraftedWild Skyblock. You can earn SkyFunds through questing or from purchasing them straight from our Buycraft. Once you have your own island you can type /upgrade to see all these features! If you need any assistance feel free to contact our staff, visit the tutorial NPC at /spawn, or type /help!

    Block Values
    Only iron, gold, diamond, and emerald blocks count towards your island level. Make sure to collect as many emeralds as possible because they give the most points!

    PvP Arena
    Get ready for PvP, because certain quests can only be completed in the PvP Arena! You can warp directly to the PvP arena by using the /warp pvp command.

    Custom Mob Drops

    Custom Mob Drops make it so that certain mobs will drop something super rare! Here is a list of mobs that have custom drops and what item they have a chance of dropping:

    Villager = Small chance to drop 1 Emerald
    Iron Golem = Small chance to drop 1 Iron Block
    Zombie Pigman = Small chance to drop 1 Gold Ingot


    Masks are mob heads that you can wear that can give you powers. Making masks takes a lot of resources but is definitely worth it! You will need to fuel your mask with certain items corresponding to the mob type.
    For Example: a wolf mask requires bones to make it work properly.
    In order to use a mask's power, you will need to Shift + Right click while wearing the mask.
    For more information feel free to visit the Mask Crafter NPC at /spawn!

    Custom Economy and Crates
    Skyblock has it's very own Economy and Crates! Simply type /shop and /crates to check it out!
    The two types of Crates are: Minor and Supreme.
    Ranks are NOT global. If you want a donor rank on Skyblock you will need to purchase one here...

    Since this is our first ever skyblock there is bound to be some errors and bugs. Please report these to our staff and we will get them sorted ASAP! Any help, concerns, questions, ect. can be directed towards any of our staff (including me!).

    Hopefully you guys enjoy. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your Skyblock experience better!
    Thanks : )
    ~ iKoalas
  2. It's a good start to making the server great! Good job to you and everyone else who worked on Skyblock, thanks for it :p
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    Looks pretty sweet. but i do have some things:

    - Ranks are NOT global. If you want a donor rank on Skyblock you will need to purchase one here...
    So we need to buy again? I got 3 emeralds alrdy, bought one 4days ago. hm.
    I can follow if you dont wanna give emerald to the people that got it from the transfer from ark*******, since its got nothing to do with that anymore, but still kinda weird since they have the rank alrdy. But atleast give it to the once that god a TID on craftedwilds store with an rank.

    - The quest wont accept when we press the npc with stuff or without.
    - Mask npc dosnt work it seems.

    afk kicker on skyblock? arh. or will it be kick for non donors only?

    Spawners still dont work, i just placed an ig, turned to pig.
    - its in the mobgrinder in my warp.........

  4. Yea that makes me not even want to play Skyblock
  5. I'm pretty sure that when I bought it, it was called a "Global Rank" I'm already quitting. It pisses me off that we have to purchase something we already purchased. Is that how it's gonna be for every new server? Factions? Skywars? How about you ask Serayne to stop begging for money and let players use what they already purchased. You made a pretty damn good skyblock server and decided to ruin it before it being up for a whole day.
  6. Heres what i see /copy and /paste oh and ranks arent global? What a big F U to your remaining player base X"D

    Heres my dislike since thats removed.
  7. very original skyblock, never seen before
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  8. Sounds all good to me. It's just the ranks bit that sucks. Why buy the same ranks for same price? Different names would have been cool, global ranks would be cooler..
  9. ...everyone's pissed off because there's no global ranks...

    I'm sitting here thinking, wait, this sounds familiar...
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  10. make the ranks global , this is already dead dont make this more dead please
  11. You just ripped off your own skyblock on arkham and made it worse by making ranks not global. this is clearly only for money. Nice way at killing mcprison lol.
  12. this guy is smart
  13. I don't think you need to work on other servers just yet, I mean since skyblock is already up, bring some more updates to prison. We really need update in prison, bring back voting as well to help out starters, and possibly gain players cause of the active voters. It used to really important to vote, cause you can get crazy rewards like legend keys. I think we should be able to do that, just because voting is already down for so long. Thanks! Also make the rank Global

    Notice me senpai xD
  14. 10/10 feature btw
  15. make it prison not pvpland
  16. I hope you realize IKoalas that many players quit just because 1 thing you did that you really shouldn't have made a thing. Ranks SHOULD be global. We payed for a rank in the store that costs actual money and expected it to be global like every other server ever created. Congratulations but you officially blew your last chance at a successful server. You had lots of chances to implement new content or fix current content and you chose to make new content that no one even likes. You wasted that time, have fun.
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  17. PVPland, no since players are quitting, pvpmine is more quiet now, and all the peoples are losing spirit pvping in pvpmine cause they got killed over and over again.
  18. Such a kiss Rumpled Hiney lol
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    I don't have any hate, but this is the SB that Arkham uses.
    This is just destroying the server.
    If the ranks were global it would increase database, as this is a non-toxic server that people love to play SB on.
    I advice to make a new Custom SB, and the ranks global.
    And probably you should listen to suggestion, I got told (not sure) that suggestions get denied even tho people voted +1 for it.
  20. >Sees server dying because no updates
    >People ask for updates or a reset for prison
    >Decides to get a new gamemode instead
    >On thread with poll of new gamemode most people vote no
    >Decides to add it anyway
    >"New" gamemode isn't even new

    For real tho...
    You kept to the deadline of 2-4 weeks for once, too bad its just a copy paste. You either hype us for something that then ends up getting released months later or you hype us for a copy paste with not even a single bit of originality. You said "Im not a dev, I don't make content", ok but you should still get a dev that adds a gamemode the way the community wants it, not the way he wants it. I don't like saying this because you people like banning me for it but this kinda seems like just a try to get more money. Which is sad when you realise you would make more if you had a good server and added what we want.

    If you want this server to run properly *I think* you should get a good dev to work on MC-Prison and add what the community suggests.

    And please don't come with this poop again of us always complaining about the updates saying that you don't have that much time and its a lot of work. Almost no one complains about the lack, we complain about what the updates bring and the promises of release dates being broken over and over again. If you Don't know when something will be ready then just wait till you are sure before making a release date.
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