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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by iKoalas, Apr 15, 2017.

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    Hello everyone!

    So as you have all seen we have made lots of new changes to our server.
    MCPrison has turned into CraftedWild! How exciting. :D
    With these new changes, we have also partnered up with...
    ItsMooseCraft and Ryguyrocky.
    Don't worry though! Serayne and I are not leaving you all.
    We have partnered up together to make CraftedWild one of the best minecraft servers out there!
    The future is bright stay tuned!

    With these new updates we are also making the server 100% PG13.

    ~Head Warden iKoalas


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    Will other gamemodes be added? or is it still staying only prison?

    EDIT: Yeah this isn't going to work out...
  3. I feel that is good but please dont break the server. Special fix the chat that is spam 24/7 now. We need to spam to see each others. I loved how the server was chill and chat was calm.
  4. You and Serayne will still be our best owners!~ No one is still better than the two of you to us! <3
    If u leave the server i leave Hehe....
  5. We need donor permissions to join full servers
  6. Sounds great, still getting used to the changes. :)
  7. Awesome update, Excellent YouTubers (They PvP'd and I got some Ez Pks)
  8. Lovely! Also @iKoalas please unblock me on skype. I want to talk to you about something
  9. i 1v1ed moose but @iKoalas inrupted rip me then some1 killstealed me...
  10. "Partnership" tell them we want Real-Estate this week
  11. Id be fine if they release in like 3 weeks. By that time I would be unbanned ;)
  12. Go away new people
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  14. more people to prestige!
  15. @si632 agreed oh jeez did you see the spam this morning? 30 messages per sec kms
  16. Welp don't think I'll apply for staff there any time soon, despite the fast updates and stuff. Explaining to a 9 year old why they were muted isn't really my kind of thing.
  17. LOL
  18. "but i only said the same thing word for word 3 times!" whilst using a random letter inbetween

    oh joy
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