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    Updated forum rules! Anything on this list is to be followed. If you do not follow these rules, your account will be warned or suspended. Note that these are subject to change or alteration at any given time.

    8 Points Accumulated = 1 week suspension from using our forums
    18 Points Accumulated = Permanent suspension from using our forums

    Warning Point Offences

    Double Posting
    Posting two or more posts in a row on any thread.
    Punishment: 1 Warning point lasting 1 week

    One word/emote posts, or single-media posts not related to the thread are considered microposting. Adding text just to state you are not microposting, adding a quote or adding emoticons/emotes to the micropost, is still considered microposting.
    Punishment: 2 Warning points lasting 2 weeks

    Also known as gravedigging. Posting on a thread that is not a server announcement, where the last post was more than 168 hours old (7 days), or posting on a server announcement that is no longer relevant.
    Punishment: 2 Warning points lasting 2 weeks

    Excessive Bumping
    You may only bump your own thread one time. Any more than that results in punishment. Punishment will be determined by the severity of the boosting.

    More Than 1 Image/Media In Signature
    If you wish to have more than one, you may place them inside a spoiler.
    Punishment: 3 Warning points lasting 3 weeks

    Misusing Drift
    Sending nonsense to the Drift support, being rude, wasting our time or spamming us. (Drift is the orange chat button that shows up at the bottom right)
    Punishment: 3 Warning points lasting 3 weeks

    Disrespectful Or Inappropriate Content
    Anything that offends or upsets others to a large extent or anything sexual or inappropriate in nature. Joking about this is not allowed either.
    Punishment: 4 Warning points lasting 1 week

    Excessive Swearing
    Using more than 4 profanities in a single post.
    Punishment: 4 Warning points lasting 2 weeks

    Racism, Sexism, Or Other Forms Of Bigotry
    This includes racial slurs or hate towards genders.
    Punishment: 6 Warning points lasting 2 weeks

    Any form of advertising, such as server IPs, other forums, webstore or shops, phishing or malware websites etc.
    Punishment: 8 Warning points lasting permanently

    Excessive Trolling
    Forum trolls or spammers will be permanently banned.
    Punishment: 18 Warning points lasting permanently

    Non-Warning Point Offences

    Flame wars
    This results in the thread being locked. You may receive punishment for breaking other forum rules, or have certain posts removed when the thread is locked.

    This results in the offending thread(s) or post(s) being removed.

    Profile, Post Or Thread Spam
    Spam, ‘test’ threads/posts, useless, duplicate or pointless content, or spamming forum profiles results in the offending content being removed or locked. Note that excessive spamming of such is a permanent ban.

    Troll Posts Or Threads
    This includes but is not limited to content such as fake applications (such as youtuber applications) or impersonating. The content will be removed. Note that excessive trolling of such is a permanent ban.

    Post Boosting
    Repeatedly posting short and/or pointless posts for the purpose of boosting your post count. The posts will be removed.

    Light Advertisement

    Mentioning other servers or server names, or hinting/referring to them with similar names, results in the name being edited out, or the entire thread/post being removed.

    Locking Of Threads
    Unless you are the owner of the thread, you may not request for a lock on the thread or ask the owner if the thread can be locked. Doing this results in the post being edited or removed.

    Threads That Will Be Removed/Deleted

    Any form of advertisement is not allowed. Websites, In-Game IPS, Server Lists, ect. The owner of the thread/comment has the possibility of being banned.

    Going Away/Quitting Threads

    Any forum posts about people leaving, taking a break, or quitting will be removed. However, personal messages and profile posts about this are OK.

    Post/Rating Farming Threads

    Threads used to boost forum ratings, or threads that have little to no are purpose not allowed. They will be removed and the owner of the thread/comments has the possibility of being banned.
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