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  1. Hey Prison Fans!

    The Easter Shop is finally open. Hurray!
    You can now type /easter in game to view all the Easter goodies.
    Keep in mind that these items are LIMITED EDITION. You can only get them this Easter!
    The Easter Shop will be open until the 23rd of April. Make sure to spend all your eggs by that date!
    Withdraw and trade your eggs by typing /eggwithdraw

    What is in the Easter Shop?

    ***The number of Easter Eggs shown below will vary per person!***

    EXCLUSIVE Easter Title
    Uncommon through Legendary Keys
    EXCLUSIVE Special Type: Rabbit Pet (Highest Tiered Pet)
    EXCLUSIVE Easter Backpack (50,240 slots)
    EXCLUSIVE OP Easter Armor

    Hop on, in-game to see more!

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    Looking good IKoalas :D

    Good job!
  3. Thanks I worked really hard on this! : )
  4. Cool, and good job
  5. Nice!
  6. Glad its here :). Good job :D!
  7. Nice job! :D
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    I'm homophobicgots
  9. Until the 23rd? Thought I missed it today :p

    Good job on this!
  10. How do I join mcprison? Its locked down. I'm so confused.
  11. Are you using the right ip? mc.craftedwild.net
  12. It's because of the new partnership. [Here]

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