Real Estate

Welcome Inmates,
to our Official Real Estate Thread!

Head Warden ~iKoalas will be acting as a Realtor for CraftedWild. This means that I will be…
Showing off houses, letting you know the starting prices (estimated value of the lot), and what time they will be available!

How Housing works:
Every 6 IRL Hours, 1 house (or lot) will be put up for auction.
People must bid against other players for a house!
The Starting bid is the Server’s Estimated Value of a house/lot. This can be seen by typing /house #
For Example to see the price for house 1 type: /house 1
House bidding will last a total of 1 hour. If no one bids, the house/lot will become available for a <Buy it now> price at it’s designated location.

Houses do NOT sync between prisons.
This means that your house is different on Prison1 then it is on Prison2. Currently only Prison1 and 2 have purchasable houses. So don’t freak out if your house is owned by someone else! You may be on the wrong prison!

Important Commands:
Invite other people to your house, and let them build with: /house trust
You can even name your property with: /house title
Have unwanted quests? Ban someone from entering your house with: /house ban


Now to explain the dreaded taxes! OH NO, Taxes? In Minecraft? What?
Yes Ladies and Gents, there will be property taxes for owning a property.
If you do not pay these taxes before the time runs out, your house will become foreclosed on!
You will lose ALL of your items and your house will be put up for auctioning.
To Check taxes type: /house taxes … to pay taxes type: /house taxes pay

Selling Property
If you want to sell a house it will announce in chat, “Property # is for Sale!” People will place bids on the house with a minimum price being the estimated value of the lot. Once sold the money will go to the previous owner of the house/lot! Invest in Real Estate: buy a house for cheap, then make a profit later!

Welfare Housing
For those of you who cannot afford Real Estate, you can purchase a cell at /warp welfare!
This is just a small space for extra storage. Rent is $10,000/3 Days.
To Rent a cell, simply walk inside of the one you want and type: /cell rent.

Still need additional help?
Feel free to use the…
/house help
Command in game!


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