Hey Guys and Gals,

I am here to announce that Skyblock has been released!
That's right, CraftedWild now has Skyblock. Wooot!
Feel free to hop on and check it out using either the compass (server selector),
or by typing /server skyblock.

We have tons of cool features!
Quests will give you awesome rewards and some super unique custom items! There are Daily, Weekly, and Monthly quests you can complete. Check it out by typing /quest or visiting the Quest NPC at spawn.

Island Upgrades
You will be able to upgrade your own island. Below is a list of things that can be upgraded…

Player Capacity (Default is 4 players)
Mob Spawn Rate
Double Mob Spawn Chance
Double Mob Drop Chance
Mob Spawner Limit

Upgrading your island will take lots of time, in-game money, and effort! Remember that you are not supposed to be able to get max upgrades on the first day! That would ruin the fun.

How to Upgrade your island

SkyFunds and In-Game Money are used to upgrade islands. What are SkyFunds you may ask? SkyFunds are just another in-game currency that we use here on CraftedWild Skyblock. You can earn SkyFunds through questing or from purchasing them straight from our Buycraft. Once you have your own island you can type /upgrade to see all these features! If you need any assistance feel free to contact our staff, visit the tutorial NPC at /spawn, or type /help!

Block Values
Only iron, gold, diamond, and emerald blocks count towards your island level. Make sure to collect as many emeralds as possible because they give the most points!

PvP Arena
Get ready for PvP, because certain quests can only be completed in the PvP Arena! You can warp directly to the PvP arena by using the /warp pvp command.

Custom Mob Drops

Custom Mob Drops make it so that certain mobs will drop something super rare! Here is a list of mobs that have custom drops and what item they have a chance of dropping:

Villager = Small chance to drop 1 Emerald
Iron Golem = Small chance to drop 1 Iron Block
Zombie Pigman = Small chance to drop 1 Gold Ingot


Masks are mob heads that you can wear that can give you powers. Making masks takes a lot of resources but is definitely worth it! You will need to fuel your mask with certain items corresponding to the mob type.
For Example: a wolf mask requires bones to make it work properly.
In order to use a mask's power, you will need to Shift + Right click while wearing the mask.
For more information feel free to visit the Mask Crafter NPC at /spawn!

Custom Economy and Crates
Skyblock has it's very own Economy and Crates! Simply type /shop and /crates to check it out!
The two types of Crates are: Minor and Supreme.
Ranks are NOT global. If you want a donor rank on Skyblock you will need to purchase one here…

Since this is our first ever skyblock there is bound to be some errors and bugs. Please report these to our staff and we will get them sorted ASAP! Any help, concerns, questions, ect. can be directed towards any of our staff (including me!).

Hopefully you guys enjoy. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your Skyblock experience better!
Thanks : )
~ iKoalas​

Connection Problems?

Hey CraftedWild Fans,

If you are having connection problems you are not alone. Mojang Minecraft servers are having issues affecting everyone's connecting capability. Please be patient, hopefully it will be fixed soon! For more information feel free to check out the Server Status on Mojang's Website.

~Wishing you the best,
Head Warden iKoalas

Real Estate

Welcome Inmates,
to our Official Real Estate Thread!

Head Warden ~iKoalas will be acting as a Realtor for CraftedWild. This means that I will be…
Showing off houses, letting you know the starting prices (estimated value of the lot), and what time they will be available!

How Housing works:
Every 6 IRL Hours, 1 house (or lot) will be put up for auction.
People must bid against other players for a house!
The Starting bid is the Server’s Estimated Value of a house/lot. This can be seen by typing /house #
For Example to see the price for house 1 type: /house 1
House bidding will last a total of 1 hour. If no one bids, the house/lot will become available for a <Buy it now> price at it’s designated location.

Houses do NOT sync between prisons.
This means that your house is different on Prison1 then it is on Prison2. Currently only Prison1 and 2 have purchasable houses. So don’t freak out if your house is owned by someone else! You may be on the wrong prison!

Important Commands:
Invite other people to your house, and let them build with: /house trust
You can even name your property with: /house title
Have unwanted quests? Ban someone from entering your house with: /house ban


Now to explain the dreaded taxes! OH NO, Taxes? In Minecraft? What?
Yes Ladies and Gents, there will be property taxes for owning a property.
If you do not pay these taxes before the time runs out, your house will become foreclosed on!
You will lose ALL of your items and your house will be put up for auctioning.
To Check taxes type: /house taxes … to pay taxes type: /house taxes pay

Selling Property
If you want to sell a house it will announce in chat, “Property # is for Sale!” People will place bids on the house with a minimum price being the estimated value of the lot. Once sold the money will go to the previous owner of the house/lot! Invest in Real Estate: buy a house for cheap, then make a profit later!

Welfare Housing
For those of you who cannot afford Real Estate, you can purchase a cell at /warp welfare!
This is just a small space for extra storage. Rent is $10,000/3 Days.
To Rent a cell, simply walk inside of the one you want and type: /cell rent.

Still need additional help?
Feel free to use the…
/house help
Command in game!

Easter Shop

Hey Prison Fans!

The Easter Shop is finally open. Hurray!
You can now type /easter in game to view all the Easter goodies.
Keep in mind that these items are LIMITED EDITION. You can only get them this Easter!
The Easter Shop will be open until the 23rd of April. Make sure to spend all your eggs by that date!
Withdraw and trade your eggs by typing /eggwithdraw

What is in the Easter Shop?

***The number of Easter Eggs shown below will vary per person!***

EXCLUSIVE Easter Title
Uncommon through Legendary Keys
EXCLUSIVE Special Type: Rabbit Pet (Highest Tiered Pet)
EXCLUSIVE Easter Backpack (50,240 slots)

Hop on, in-game to see more!

New Partnership

Hello everyone!

So as you have all seen we have made lots of new changes to our server.
MCPrison has turned into CraftedWild! How exciting. 😀
With these new changes, we have also partnered up with…
ItsMooseCraft and Ryguyrocky.
Don’t worry though! Serayne and I are not leaving you all.
We have partnered up together to make CraftedWild one of the best minecraft servers out there!
The future is bright stay tuned!

With these new updates we are also making the server 100% PG13.

~Head Warden iKoalas